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Connecting brands and entrepreneurs with short term retail spaces for a pop up experience

xNomad is a marketplace for popup stores that connects brands with unique retail & vacant pop up spaces. Like Airbnb, but for Retail. xNomad has been working with innovative and exciting brands such as Voi, Yaytrade, House of Dagmar, Klättermusen, Stutterheim, VanMoof, Urbanista, WhyRed, Kry and Rossignol. xNomad also provides several add-on services supporting the popup store with staffing, furniture, marketing and much more.

xNomad’s unique service:

  • Offers a wide range of spaces for short- and long term

  • Provides real-time customer data that DTC customers can integrate with their customer data platforms and market analysis tools

  • Provides brands with the same granular user data they get from ecommerce, but from physical stores

  • Offers add-on services such as staff, marketing, designing etc.

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Jonathan Haralambakis, Co-Founder & CEO xNomad

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Business Segment:

Space On-Demand, Space as a Service

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