Connects pre-screened property buyers with real estate agents & developers in real time

Offerpal is a concierge-service that connects pre-qualified buyers with real estate professionals in real time, with partners only paying for the leads they receive from Offerpal. Offerpal generates & purchases thousands of real estate leads from numerous sources, contacts these leads within seconds and then screens them across criteria including intent to buy, price point, location and more. Offerpal then connects the prospective buyer with leading local real estate teams in each market in real time over the phone.

Offerpal is already partnered with numerous leading real estate agencies and developers around the world for whom it generates and delivers pre-qualified leads daily.

OfferPal’s unique service:

  • Offers and generates thousands of real estate leads from numerous sources, already with a global reach

  • Provides real-time lead qualifications by collecting sufficient information about the object and intent of the buyer / seller

  • Enables real estate professionals to focus on qualified leads and sell more with less works

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Matthew Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO OfferPal

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Lead Generation

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Global Reach